How to open a SISU

Guidance to open a SISU

The intention of this document is to give an outline of the characteristics of a generic SISU model that could inspire you to develop a SISU in your own university.  It was used by the current LASIN SISU network members to develop their own SISUs.

The document is composed as follows:

STRATEGIC POSITION WITHIN THE HEI: this section includes recommendations of possible strategies and actions necessary for the implementation of a Unit in a Higher Education Institution; and a description of the potential institutional limitations that might be encountered.  It is based on the review of guidelines and best practices in social innovation support identified during the Preparation Phase (WP2).

PHYSICAL SPACE: this section includes recommendations about the characteristics of the physical space for the operation of the SISU and is characterized as an incubation facility, including resources and equipment available as part of the LASIN project.  This section is divided into two parts: (1) Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and (2) the optimal SISU.

APPROACH, OPERATION and METHODOLOGIES: this section includes recommendations about the operation of the SISU and which methodologies and approaches could be used to support the achievements of its main goals.

SISU SPECIFIC ACTIVITIES: There are a number of specific activities developed by the LASIN Project that may be integrated within as part of the SISU model development and maintenance. These include:

  • Social Innovation Studios: specific workshops that may be implemented to complement the SISU day to day activities and support HEIs in raising awareness about Social Innovation and developing projects;
  • Masters Programme in Social Innovation: institutions may wish to adopt the programme to complement the SISU activities, creating a curricular activity to strengthen the knowledge base surrounding social innovation and furthering their transnational postgraduate opportunities.

CHECKLIST: developed to give guidance to partners, so they can review their processes or activities necessary for the implementation of SISU.

ANNEXES: detailing specific aspects about design, physical space, SISU operations, recommendations and additional resources as well as the description of the Social Innovation Studios.

The guidelines can be downloaded HERE.