LASIN digital book

The LASIN Project (Latin American Social Innovation Network) is an ambitious initiative funded under the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Capacity Building Programme. It specifically seeks to address societal challenges by establishing units specialised in social innovation support in eight HEIs in Latin America (Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Panama) and also to widen the Network into other countries and institutions throughout the region. Each of these social innovation units (SISUs) have developed a model for driving social change within their local communities through research, training and knowledge exchange, tailor made to local needs but also playing to the strengths of their University. What they share is a common purpose: to harness the facilities, knowledge and resources at their disposal to serve their communities in an innovative, effective and sustainable way.

This book describes their experiences and also showcases the initiatives they helped to develop whilst also inviting experts from Latin America and beyond to contribute to
the debate and help define the latest advances in social innovation support.

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