Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Núcleo de Inovação Cultural e Social – UNIRIO

At Unirio the SISU is called NICS (Nucleus of Technological, Cultural and Social Innovation). NICS is an integral part of the Board of Technological, Cultural and Social Innovation of Unirio’s Pro-Rectory of Postgraduate, Research and Innovation. The Nucleus of Cultural and Social Innovation (NICS) aims to promote and monitor the implementation of social and cultural innovation projects at UNIRIO, and also give support to external initiatives.

NICS is one of the nucleus of the Directorate of Technological, Cultural and Social Innovation (DIT). The DIT’s mission is to strengthen UNIRIO’s relationship with the community, involving government agencies, companies and other civil society organizations, with the objective of creating opportunities for teaching, research and extension activities that benefit from these interactions, and to promote, as a deliberate strategy the transfer of technology for the economic, scientific, technological and social development of the country.

Its main objectives are to participate in strategic alliances and develop cooperation projects involving national and international institutions and companies, other ICTs and non-profit public and private law organizations dedicated to research and development activities aimed at the generation of innovative products and processes; To manage the innovation policy of UNIRIO, converging with the objective of the Pro-Rectory of Postgraduate, Research and Innovation (PROPGPI) to contribute to the development of the production of knowledge in order to favor the advancement of social justice.

Website: http://www.unirio.br/propg/diretoria-de-inovacao-tecnologica-cultural-e-social/nucleo-de-inovacao-social-e-cultural-nics

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