Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Unidade de Suporte à Inovação Social

As an officially recognized project (by the Pro-Rectorate) the operation of the USIS can be ensured in a long term based on the following aspects:

Participation in the USIS provide credits for students (they need these credits to fulfill the requirements to finish their undergraduate studies) and workload for professors (this allows progression in their academic ranks).

Value propositions (USIS principles)

  • Foster social change supported by products, services and, mainly, processes;
  • Mutual learning process (both for community, groups and external institutions and for university members);
  • Systemic change: new relational patterns (interpersonal, between different groups etc).

Skills/Knowledge available in the USIS

  • Design thinking
  • Product design
  • Service design/engineering/management
  • Strategic design
  • Business Models /Organizational Management
  • Innovation management
  • Marketing
  • Cultural production (including video production and new media)
  • Hospitality and Gastronomy
  • Community based tourism

Supported projects in 2017: http://usis.rio.br/inovadores-2017/

Supported projects in 2018: http://usis.rio.br/inovadores-2018/

Website: usis.rio.br